Introducing Hugman

THE ADVENTURES OF HUGMAN are timeless stories for kids that fuel the imagination and inspire creative expression. Written by LEGO sculptor Nathan Sawaya and illustrated by Maarten Lenoir, this series of fun children’s books follows a little brick buddy named Hugman as he and his friends think outside of the box to tackle problem solving, highlight the benefits of collaboration and teach important lessons of friendship, self-confidence and respect. Each hardcover book in the series is 32 pages of engaging artwork and is great for both read alouds and readers alike. A portion of proceeds from each sale of the HUGMAN books available below benefits the Art Revolution Foundation to help put art supplies into schools.

I just finished the books and I LOVE them!!! The heartfelt stories are full of important messages and age-appropriate educational elements.  I can’t wait to read them to my nieces and nephews. Kids are going to love Hugman!

Ashley Eckstein, actress, author, entrepreneur and founder of Her Universe

My two-year-old cannot get enough of Hugman. Every night before bed he asks for a Hugman book ... and a big hug. We gladly do both!

Kim Evey, actress, writer & producer

When he builds a little friend who comes to life, the LEGOs end up loving him back. From there, the whole world is open for the two pals to explore.

Anthony Breznican, Entertainment Weekly


Several years ago, Nathan Sawaya started placing brick-built figures around New York City hugging various things like trees, fence posts, and sign poles. This street art would eventually span the globe and become known as Hugman. These are some of Hugman's real life adventures.